When Mercury Retrograde Ends 2022

Everything You Need to Keep Calm During This Mercury Retrograde

September 27.

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Yesterday Mercury finished the last retrogradation of this astrological transit that began on September 27.

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Mercury retrograde dates from January 14 to February 3. It will start in Aquarius and go back to Capricorn. May 10 to May 3.

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Second event: from May 29 to June 22, in Gemini. Third event: from September 27 to October 18, in Libra. Now.

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Although this may vary according to each sign and horoscope. Keep in mind that not everything is bad during Venus Retrograde. Venus Star Point: The flower of life The phenomenon known as Venus Star Point happens when the sun and Venus align in the sky and form a five-pointed star.

We’ll have two in This is a wonderful time to lean into romance and do self-care activities, like massage or meditation. It’s a social time, which means New Year’s celebrations can continue for a few days after January 1. We will have to improve our associations, go out on dates, make plans to socialize with friends and take care of our assets. We will want to make decisions about the future of our associations and review our financial planning.

The second connection of Venus and Mars occurs on March 12 in the air sign Aquarius. This time, we’ll go with the flow. Mercury Retrograde Mercury Retrograde can be a difficult time to establish effective communications. Be mindful of what you say to make sure the right feelings are being expressed.

And back up all information from computers or electronic devices. January 14 to February 3 marks the first Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn. Because this planetary retrograde begins in the middle of Venus Retrograde, exes may return or we may have love or money anxiety.

The second Mercury Retrograde occurs from May 10 to June 3 in Gemini and Taurus. Be flexible with all information processing. The third Mercury Retrograde occurs from September 9 to October 2 in Libra and retrogrades in Virgo. We will feel like there is not enough time to take care of everything we have to accomplish before the year is out, which means we have to reorganize and prioritize our time.

This is a great day for love. Enter Aries on May 10 and stay there until October 28. Nodal Displacement The Nodes of Destiny change sign every year and a half. These movements show us what we are meant to learn, experience and feel in time. Let go of the past and be at peace with the present.

We must focus on materialism and what we can build on a tangible level. The eclipses of There are four eclipses in Eclipses are marks in time, bringing things to light and revealing things we haven’t seen before. They require immediate action after they occur, making them indicators of important events.

Solar eclipses are similar to powerful new moons, while lunar eclipses are like intense full moons. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16 brings with it communication problems, so it is essential that we all be direct with our feelings and what we think. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8 pushes us to put our egos aside and commit to who, what and anything we love, no matter the cost.

Mars Retrograde Mars Retrograde occurs every two years. This fiery planet represents our drive, energy, passion and the way we assert ourselves in the world. The retrograde begins in Gemini on October 30 and ends on January 12, Article originally published in Vogue UK, vogue.

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