Where Is Paulo Londra From?

Paul London

birth name.

April 12, (23 years old) City of Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina.

Paulo Ezequiel Londra Farias.

April 12, (23 years old) City of Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina.

Paulo Londra, biography of the urban genre singer and composer

Paulo Ezequiel Londra Farías (born 12 April) is an Argentine rapper and singer. His music has topped Argentine charts and been highly successful across.

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He was born in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. The singer grew up in a very united household; He assures that his family was always very aware of his growth and that they have supported him in his musical career. In them, he gained experience to participate in formal events of the genre. Beginnings of Paulo Londra It all started in the impromptu freestyle battles.

His first rap battle was in the Plaza de la Intendencia, where he began to live and make his way in the big leagues of Latin trap. In the year he participated in a battle against the renowned artist Duki on YouTube. There he gained recognition and wide popularity among the faithful of the genre thanks to his outstanding participation, he earned the respect of other artists.

Confident in his talent, he made the decision to participate in Sin Escriba and then in El Quinto Escalón, this is a very important urban event in the Hispanic world. For his fortune he stayed with the first place, and by that time he acquired international recognition. Subsequently, his focus began to be to break into the urban music industry. His greatest influence is the rapper Eminem, it was at the moment he saw the film 8 Mile, that he decided to continue his career step by step and be like him.

It began at the same time as artists such as Lit Killah, Kodigo and Duki, with whom he met in different competitions, such as: A Cara de Perro Zoo. Under an independent label the artist has released the debut single, entitled Relax. On December 4, he premiered Condemned for the Million. At the beginning of the year, he published Nena Maldición, together with Lenny Tavarez. Months later he was seen collaborating with the renowned artists of Piso 21, on the single titled Te Amo.

Dimelo came out of this work, and also Chica Paranormal, very successful. He maintains very good relations with Colombian trap artists such as J Balvin. Paulo Londra has been inspired by artists such as: Fianru and Original Movement, from whom he acquired some aspects of the intonation.

He has achieved the collaboration of artists such as Ovy on the drums, a trap producer. It has a privileged place in the music charts of Argentina. The artist is a follower of the Colombian country, he highlights its beauty, especially the city of Medellín. He has come to the country to record the official video clip of Te amo, by Piso The video clip was directed by Paloma Valencia.

On September 28, he performed a show at the Gran Rex theater.

Paulo Londra – Adam and Eve (Official Video)