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Can you dye your hair white/grey without bleaching and without using hair dye??

Color the hair with a professional dye. The final step in dyeing your hair white is choosing the right shade. Within the tonal range of.

If your hair is thick, then you have something in your favor, since thick hair generally resists the effects of bleaching better. Now that we have analyzed the current state of health of your hair, let’s analyze the products that we need. Professional products carry out this process in less time and with less damage to hair fibers than generic products or those you can find on supermarket shelves.

Advertisements Advertisements I recommend that you divide your hair into sections to better control the application times of the bleach. Be patient, and part your hair into four quadrants, parting directly down the middle of your hair from your forehead to the bottom where your roots end. Remember that you must reach an almost platinum yellow. Now you understand why I don’t sell colored mirrors.

You just need to neutralize that bright yellow tone that you have in your hair. Advertisements Advertisements That tone you have now is due to the small amount of melanin that is still present in your hair, and the natural color of the keratin that becomes visible on the surface of the hair fibers. The time has come to use a toner that is the complete opposite color of yellow on the color wheel.