White Ink Tattoos

White Ink Tattoos

If you are a tattoo hater, maybe this new trend with white ink will make you change your mind. Discreet and elegant, get ready.

You can do your tattoo with white ink with a mixture of colors to achieve a nice contrast, vibrant colors that add to that.

White ink has been around for a long time, and has always been used to highlight black or colored tattoos. But there are not a few who have decided.

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For a long time now, there is a new trend: white ink tattoos or white tattoos. This new trend is.

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Over time they can look yellowish, especially if exposed to the sun. Without a doubt, Vinni Mattos is one of our favorite stars, and every time he comes to visit us we enjoy it like children. His new school, dreamy and surreal designs, full of color, use white to complete the tattoo: the sparkle and shine of an eye, stars in the sky, the luminosity of a neon sign… In animal tattoos, white is used. white ink to convey the depth of the fur, as well as in white flower tattoos such as lilies or daisies.

Here are several examples: a pomeranian puppy made by Vinni Mattos, a patriotic white bulldog tattooed by the artist Malena, and a wise tiger looking at the horizon by Laura Egea. The use of white color in cartoon and manga tattoos is one of its hallmarks.

Duda Lozano uses sparkles to give the appearance of volume in her patch-style tattoos; Negative mimics the colors and flat styles of anime tattoos; and Bruno Donn Lopes uses it to outline one of his figures and give that sticker style.

As you can see, the white color is not only for white ink tattoos, but artists use it for all kinds of designs. We will solve all your doubts to define if it is a good idea to get a white ink tattoo, and we will review everything you have to take into account so that you do not have any doubts.

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