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White Ink Tattoos, A Touch Of Discretion With Many Risks To Consider

Have you heard of white ink tattoos?? Have you already seen some and are you thinking of making one?? Don’t miss this guide.

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Despite their aesthetics, white ink tattoos have their drawbacks. The main problem that we find is that they are much more delicate than those of.

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Risks of white tattoos

White tattoos are the best solution as they look very stylish on your skin but are not as visible as black or colored ink tattoos. White tattoos White tattoos have become a real claim, thanks to their delicacy and how beautiful they look on all skin types. If you want to achieve a fantasy effect, white ink is ideal for it: think of designs such as stars, moons or delicate illustrations that accompany the effect, such as mandalas.

Risks of white tattoos Despite their aesthetics, white ink tattoos have their drawbacks. It is formulated with petrolatum, panthenol and glycerin, ingredients that help rehydrate and innovate skin cells. It is indicated to heal the skin after dermatological interventions that cause irritation or for recent or old tattoos that are at risk of degradation, as is the case with white ink tattoos.

It has the advantage that it protects against solar rays, being an important plus so that the appearance of our tattoo is impeccable. Although it can be used for several things, it is a good moisturizer for the skin, a characteristic that is sought after in post-tattoo treatments. Promotes the natural regeneration of the skin and forms a protective film that prevents dehydration. It is an ointment focused on scars and tattoos, which protects and cares for the skin, and is dedicated to moisturizing, thanks to Laonila.

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