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Laser Hair Removal Whitens Armpits: Myth Or Truth??

Dark spots and areas in the armpits are common and due to various causes. I discovered here why and ‘how to whiten the armpits.

How to lighten the armpits with our peeling treatment and thus you can have amazing ones that make you feel more confident.

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A good way to reduce stains is to apply a mixture of lemon and baking soda on the skin for 10 minutes, this will help.

GOODBYE DARK ARMS This home remedy to lighten your armpits is fast, effective and economical. With only 3 ingredients you can tell.

Laser hair removal whitens the armpits: myth or truth? | Hedonai

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How many laser sessions are needed to remove hair?

Pinterest GettyImages Armpits are often the part of the body that we pay the least attention to. You shave them constantly, but you don’t pay attention to the state of your skin… until the day comes when you wear a sleeveless dress and realize that they have darkened.

And you spend every second trying to hide them. Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by a thickening of the skin. That is, the annoying color is a result of constantly shaving and rubbing your armpits. Although the darkening could also be caused by a hormonal imbalance, diabetes or an allergic reaction to deodorants.

First, we must establish a rule: do not try home methods that promise you miracles. The reality is that you can cause greater irritation that makes the problem worse. Most scrubs are very aggressive for your armpits. Change your razor frequently, at least every fortnight or whenever the moisturizing bar starts to wear down.

Sophia Loren GettyImages Search Fragrance-Free Deodorants. Without alcohol, parabens, or aluminum salts. Ideally, the days you shave, do not apply deodorant.