Who Are The Children Of Ricardo Montaner

Who Are The Children Of Ricardo Montaner And What Do They Do??

Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner, known by his stage name Ricardo Montaner, is an Argentine singer-songwriter, naturalized Venezuelan, Colombian and Dominican.Throughout his career he has sold more than 25 million records.The peak of his.

On Saturday the 8th, the son of Ricardo Montaner and actress Stefanía Roitman became his childhood sweetheart and to whom he was married for eleven years.

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In addition to Evaluna, the Venezuelan artist has several children that perhaps you did not know and less know what they do | Ricardo Montaner.

Ricardo Montaner is currently 64 years old and is the father of five: Alejandro, Héctor, Mauricio, Ricardo and Evaluna. Ricky, Richard’s son.

Who are the children of Ricardo Montaner?

He has five children: Héctor, Alejandro, Ricardo, Mauricio and Evaluna. Other projects[edit]. As a film producer, he has to his credit the realization of the.

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If you do not know all of them, do not worry because here we will tell you the trajectory of each one of them. For this reason, the producers of the program La Voz have chosen him on several occasions as a coach. Now it’s time to talk a little about the personal life of Ricardo Montaner. The singer-songwriter married Ana Vaz for the first time, Alejandro and Héctor were born as a result of the relationship. After their new marriage, Ricardo, Mauricio and Evaluna came into the world.

As we already mentioned, Alejandro and Héctor are the eldest sons of Ricardo Montaner. Alejandro, 43, is the firstborn; he studied Business Administration. In this company he holds the position of Vice President. The second son of Ricardo Montaner’s first marriage is Héctor, who has a great physical resemblance to his father. He was born on August 20, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. In , Ricardo Montaner wrote a new love story with his current wife Marlene Rodríguez.

The fruit of their love gave life to Mauricio and Ricardo, better known as Mau and Ricky. The young people began their musical career in Said melody, with the participation of Manuel Turizo and Camilo. The 23-year-old was born on August 7 in Caracas, Venezuela. As a child she learned piano, harp and various types of dance. To listen to it click here. Evaluna works as a singer and actress. We have seen her in the Nickelodeon series Club 51 and in the movie Hot Porsuit. His hobbies are: praying, meditating, recording videos and dancing.

In February , she married Colombian singer Camilo Echeverry. The affection of this young couple was born through Twitter, a date at the movies and a song by FaceTime. On August 26, Evaluna premiered as director of the music video for Titanic, a song by Kany García in collaboration with Camilo. Ricardo Montaner is an Argentine singer and composer, nationalized Venezuelan, Colombian and Dominican. At the age of 6, Ricardo traveled to Caracas with his parents and his sister; then they moved to Maracaibo.

There he formed a band with some friends under the musical influence of Led Zeppelin. In that group he was the drummer but one day the singer was missing and he took his place. Finally, on December 23, the Venezuelan released the song Amen in the company of Mau y Ricky, Camilo and Evaluna.

Ricardo Montaner breaks down in tears at Ricky’s wedding. This was the wedding of Ricky Montaner and Stefy R.