Who Is Beta On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: The Identity Of The Whisperers Beta Revealed

is a fictional character in the comic book series The.

end times: knowing who was the number 2 of Alpha before the apocalypse. Beta, in the tenth season of The Walking Dead AMC.

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Beta is a fictional character in The Walking Dead comic book series and the television series of the same name, where he is portrayed by Ryan Hurst.

Beta was a famous singer, a legend who called himself Half Moon, Media Luna. The character rips the poster off the wall and then smashes.

The Walking Dead: revealed the identity of Beta, of the Whisperers

The term "Beta" refers to the highest-ranking individual just below the "Alpha", is the one who receives orders from his superior to order things to his.

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The head of the leader of the Whisperers, turned into a walker and snarling, was nailed to a pike. Beta finds her and takes her with him, after making her bite one of her companions. Even headless Alpha is brutal.

TWD pic. In that same room you can see a concert poster with the name Half Moon. That vinyl on FearTWD finally paid off tonight. TheWalkingDead pic. At the end of the episode he puts one of his songs on a record player to attract a large horde of walkers. He intends to direct them against his enemies to take revenge. Beta has a brand new mask. Magna Nadia Hilker listens to one of her songs in the fifth episode of the tenth season.

Daniel is a fan of Half Moon, too. Last fall, you could see one of the records fall out onto the road on season 5, episode This is one you may have noticed if you watch FearTWD. He may not keep this nickname in the series, since on the small screen he appears in another American town, Charleston.