Who Is Danna Paola’S Mom

Meet Danna Paola’s Sister And Mom Who Share Family Beauty

Danna Paola: she is Patricia Munguía, the mother of the famous singer; that’s how it looks. (PHOTOS).

The young woman shared some of her secrets in the magazine Who Danna europareportage.eu young shared some of his secrets in the magazine Who.

Charlotte Dessert

But behind all that, there is someone who has certainly influenced the life of the also actress in some way: her mother, Mrs.

Unquestionably, Danna Paola inherited her beauty from her mother, Patricia Munguía is the woman who inspires the actress and singer to give her best in her life.

Meet the youthful mother of Danna Paola – Opinion

Now we know from whom she inherited the beauty! Danna Paola’s mother captivates in networks (+ photos). by Diego Morales.

Few know Vania Rivera, the older sister of the singer who is already a mother.