Who Is Papi Juancho?

Maluma Now Wants To Be Called Papi Juancho: Did The Pretty Boy Die??

At 26 years old, numerous successes and five record works later, the Hawaiian interpreter has said goodbye to this part of him and has given way to a new Maluma.

The young and famous Colombian singer Juan Luis Lodoño, better known as Maluma, is recognized in the media as one of the most.

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‘Papi Juancho’, whose title is derived from Maluma’s nickname of "Juancho", short for Juan Luis, contains collaborations.

What is behind Maluma’s "Papi Juancho"?

Papi Juancho is the fifth studio album by Colombian singer Maluma. It was released on August 21 under the Sony Music Latin label.The album features guest appearances by Randy, Yandel, Yomo, Lenny Tavárez, Justin Quiles, Ñengo Flow.

Maluma – Heaven to a Devil (Official Video)