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If you want to know more about them, the first part of their key ‘Resonance’ of the leading international K-Pop group.

Although they did not specify details about Lisa, who on November 15 returned to South Korea after a solo tour of.

Who is the real leader of Blackpink? is blackpink anorexic? Is Jisoo from a rich family? Who is the most in Blackpink ? how much are they worth.

K-pop Girl Group Blackpink To Join Social Network Weverse. This gang does not have a specific leader, and despite the fact that the.

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The success of Blackpink is not only given on the billboards which of the Blackpink idols is the leading Asian celebrity in.

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They do not stop accumulating record after record and we have been lucky enough to see them pass through Spain. If you still do not know them, it is never too late for it, because you will hear their name for a long time. Its name is a combination of "black", which represents power, and "pink", whose sweet conception they want to counteract. Since their debut they stood out for adopting a new form of girl crush concept not only aesthetically but also musically.

They don’t look like their predecessors, 2NE1, although some try to say they do. And as a novelty: they have no official leader. Despite being the oldest of the group, her adorable personality and natural aegyo remind us of a little girl. She is considered the Princess of YG.

Had a brief relationship with Kai from EXO. He was born to be an artist. Born on March 27 in Bangkok, she is known as the Princess of Thailand in her homeland. The maknae of the group has a fresh, cute and fun personality that reminds one of a puppy.

But don’t be fooled by appearances, when it comes to dancing, Lisa is very serious, and that’s why she is one of the best dancers in the industry. His girl crush aesthetic, full of pink and black, combined perfectly with a powerful and explosive sound. Without a doubt, he raised the banner of a new generation of girls who are willing to conquer everything.

However, it is also catchy with that distinctive hiss in the background that is not annoying at all. Playing with fire is a good example of this. The song, which combines a distinctive piano melody with an EDM base, talks about being careful with men, because passionate love can start as a spark and end up setting everything on fire. It has a lot of power in the voices and in turn the guitar brings an infinite calm.

Artistically, Stay is a delight, although distancing themselves from the warrior sound that characterized them, made this their least known song. By then, his fan base was so large that the change was no burden. But this luxury hides a great message: The girls speak proudly about how they handle pressure, criticism and fame and what is expected of them.

This is their job and they are quite clear that they will not be minimized by others. The girls use the chorus to dance and perform the distinctive gesture of their choreography: shooting with their hands. For this reason, together they lead an army that, to the sound of incessant trumpets, leads them to victory: freedom. Jennie is here a delicate and sophisticated girl who has to face the world alone after a breakup. SOLO is a pop song with a constant and relaxed intensity, with a tribal base that ends up being hypnotic.

The chorus is based above all on that melody, which highlights the sophisticated choreography. Although the voice of the international artist has a lot of weight, surely you can recognize our girls in this dance song so rhythmic, exotic and with such suggestive lyrics.