Why Do Cats Have Scratchy Tongues?

Why do cats have rough tongues??

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Cats have a layer of prickly tissue on their tongue that gives it that rough feeling and even.

The tongue of cats is used for personal hygiene · Regulate body temperature. When grooming, cats use their tongues to moisten the fur with.

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– The tongue relaxes cats In addition to cleaning, the cat’s licks have a relaxing intention. Whenever the animal wants.

Why do cats have rough tongues?? | Notice Cats

Their tongues are covered with hundreds of pointed spines curved in the same direction called papillae, which are responsible for giving them.

It is important to note that the roughness of the tongue of these animals is given by the conical papillae, which are the ones that cover the entire central part of the tongue and that are made up of a substance called keratin, the same substance that is responsible for our nails are strong and hard.

These papillae are what give our cat’s tongue that particular texture, and believe it or not, they have a series of special and specific functions. First of all, the ridges of the tongue help the animal to drink water or any liquid. Thanks to the conical papillae, to those micro-hooks, they can keep their fur free of dirt, as well as dead hair.

It can be caused by an allergic reaction to food, products, medications, etc. The visit to the vet is urgent. Therefore, symptoms such as lack of appetite and subsequent weight loss are normal when this occurs. Injuries to the tongue can be accidentally caused during a fight, for example. If you see that they have been pierced or that it looks bad, do not hesitate to take them to the vet to be treated and thus avoid infections.

If cats lick their noses while looking at another animal or person, it is because they want them to calm down. They do this a lot in situations of stress, tension or nerves in general. To report an error click here.