Dark: Is Winden Real, The Time Travel Village From The Netflix Series?

The disappearance of two children shows the bonds between four families and exposes the past of a small town.

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The setting in which the story unfolds "Dark" was in a town in Germany called Winden, but does it really exist?

Dark Season 3: Does the town "Winden" exist where the German series takes place? This small town created around a nuclear power plant.

Does Winden the city of the Dark series exist in real life? – I am Ambassador

In Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, there is a town called Winden im Elzta, however, this is not really the one that inspired it, since the.

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Does Winden the city of the Dark series exist in real life?

The German production has currently premiered its second season and the beginning of the creation of the third part has already been announced to close the endless cycle that this series presented to its viewers. The series has that Lost style flavor, it intrigues you, catches you, makes you think and even google. The series follows the story of a group of families from the town of Winden, Germany, with an unsolved tragedy: two children have disappeared.

In fact, it also served as inspiration for the Brothers Grimm, the same ones who created Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. The High School in Winden is one of the main locations in the series. But they never mention the name of the school and the type. But, if you imagine that this is Germany, the school is probably a Gesamtschule. In the real world, the school in Dark is called Reinfelder-Schule, and you can get there with a train to S Messe Süd, and after you get there, you have to walk a few blocks, and that’s it.

The school has a fascinating history, beginning in Berlin-Mitte. Dionys Reinfelder founded it, and it was the first state school for the deaf and hard of hearing. In the early 1990s, the school began its first integration classes according to the principles and guidelines of Maria Montessori and disabled children began to be accepted there. They make you want to study there… remember that Student Ambassadors offers study abroad programs.

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