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Witch Halloween Makeup Step By Step

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Because the classics never fail, get inspired with this witch makeup for Halloween and cause a sensation at the most terrifying party of the year. The best?

20 Ideas to make up your eyes on Halloween without having to dress up from head to toe. Mafe DiazWitch makeup.

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All the products you need to create the perfect look for Halloween: face makeup, false eyelashes, eyeliner, smoky eyes.

Halloween witch makeup step by step – europareportage.eu

Make up your face as you have thought to look like a witch and do the same with the mask. keep in.

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Then repeat this process under the lower lashes. Fifth step: We are going to use false eyelashes for this makeup. Apply a thin line of glue from the lashes to the edge of the lashes. Hold the lashes gently in place for a few seconds until the glue has set. Repeat the process on the other eye. Step Six: Use a little powder to lightly apply some blush. Step 9: With the help of a cotton ball, lightly press some glitter powder onto your lips, face, and even your neck or décolletage.

Photos of sexy witch makeup for Carnival We can try other sexy witch makeup options for Carnival The key to this makeup may be in the fact of combining well the tone you choose for the lips and repeating it later in the eyes. I think it’s amazing makeup. The white base, look, has been applied to both the face and the body.

The eyebrows are very marked and the carmine lips are spectacular. This is a makeup that seems simple but has its job if you want it to look like the photo. To highlight both the eyes, you must make smokey eyes but in completely black and from here, you paint some lines that cross to create a network or spider web. Then we pay special attention to the lips, in purple, red or any shade that makes it stand out above the green, and of course, the eyes.

One of the trends that is wearing pastel colored hair can also be very good for the sexy witch look. Ideal for Carnival night and if you want to choose half of the hair of one color and half of the other as in the photo, much better. To do this we are going to highlight the lips with a passion red lipstick that highlights your mouth a lot.

The eyes can be marked with shadow and black eyeliner. We also like this other witch makeup for Carnival. For this you can use some silicone or film makeup product, or also combine a red eyeshadow with a black or dark gray one and blend to stretch. We are not referring to Sabrina, a young teenage witch. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to do a sexy witch makeup. For example, bright lilac lips, and eyes with false eyelashes, combined with a good base and a good blush can make you look so sexy and spectacular for Carnival Or we can opt for the power of red or carmine.

The makeup you see above is perfect for Carnival. In fact, it can be used to be both a sexy vampire and a sexy witch. Look at the success when combining the lips in red with the eye shadow of the same tone.

Also in this other sexy witch makeup idea for Carnival that you see above, it is committed to highlighting the lips through the use of a striking color, in this case blue. On this occasion, green and some blue are the base colors to recreate a very successful style for Carnival as well as for Halloween. You can also use this other sexy makeup for Carnival that we propose. They are similar but very suitable with red or purple lips.

The second one I would say looks like the first of the photos we saw earlier although the other one, mixing grey, black and red is also very nice. If you want to find your makeup for the next party, here is another special post that we made that will surely be of interest to you.