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Witch Halloween Makeup Step By Step

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Witch makeup has always been and will continue to be present at any celebration where costumes and makeup are the.

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Simple witch makeup step by step. The wicked witch costume is a classic that always works at Halloween parties because it is easy to.

Halloween Make Up Ideas – Photos of Witches!

In fact from the dark or terrifying of this makeup we can get to wear a costume.

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Well, believe us that none of that, because there is witch makeup for Halloween with a mask that looks ideal. Well it’s very simple. Make up your face as you have thought to look like a witch and do the same with the mask. Keep in mind that the makeup of the face has to be consistent with the makeup of the mask. Choose a mask that you can throw away later, to apply makeup. Much better if you choose it in flesh color or in a light tone, so that it blends in with our natural skin.

Types of witches for Halloween We can make up our face, with wrinkles that are achieved with some base and dark makeup, in order to create stripes that mimic the signs of age. Witches with branches Knowing that witch makeup can be as varied as we want, we have other options like the one you see above. Starting from the eyes, and all over the forehead, we draw small and soft lines that allow us to fill the face completely, achieving such a spectacular result.

Her costume was even a trend a couple of years ago and her makeup remains among the best to be a witch this Halloween. It should be a soft layer, like a clay mask, and then we paint our lips fuchsia, lilac or if we want, purple. The eyes are also painted in another color. I recommend that the eye area is not covered by the green base.

The truth is that the Black Swan was not a witch character, but the truth is that it is perfect for what we want. With our witch costume we can do a makeup like the one above, and it’s quite creepy, so it’s perfect for Halloween. It consists of a completely white base, with red lips and marking the eyes in black as if they were a kind of swan eyes.

Green is the makeup color for the base that you are going to need, and in fact also, although of a different intensity, the one that we are going to choose for our eye shadow. We then apply the green color.

To do this, I will tell you that there are several types, bar, liquid or cream. Remember to also apply green makeup to the hollows of her cheeks, the sides of her nose, along her hairline, and along her jawline. Now, draw the line of the upper and lower lash line with a black eyeliner. You must outline and draw the arch of the eyebrow, from the lower corners towards the interior of your eyes.

Glam Witch Makeup using neon pigments – Glam Witch Makeup using neon pigments