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How To Create My Own CrossFit Workout → Designed By A Coach

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EMOM – Dumbbell Training | WOD CROSS TRAINING – YouTube wod at home with dumbbells CrossFit against Coronavirus – WOD 3.

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If you prefer to follow a free training, the CrossFit page proposes the WOD of the day. This way you will be able to train practically without differences than those who.

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The WOD shows a certain number of repetitions of specific exercises that you will have to perform.

How to create my own CrossFit workout → Designed by a coach

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Again we can make different combinations simply by changing the type of training on Monday and following the same scheme. Once we have made our weekly planning, we have to organize how much of each exercise we do in a day.

It depends on how you approach the WOD and what blocks of exercises it contains. There are WODs focused on finishing a job in a specific time, while others focus on performing an exercise, leaving the time spent doing it in the background. At the opposite extreme we would have weight lifts.

The main idea is not to overload a WOD that has very high weights with too many repetitions. The type of WOD Again we have many possibilities and they depend a lot on the previous points. Take for example an EMOM.

This shows how a single type of training type offers us infinite possibilities, both in time spent and in the weights we choose. We are going to give you our own recommendation, based on the system that Miguel usually follows in his training sessions. Warm-up The warm-up can be divided into several parts: joint mobility, general warm-up and specific warm-up. Joint mobility exercises serve to activate the parts involved in our joints, bone structure, tendons and ligaments, which allows us a greater capacity for movement.

The general warm-up prepares our body to start a physical activity. We have to move from a state of rest to a state of activity. Our goal is to activate the areas of our body that we are going to use in the WOD, that is, to intensify the muscles that we are going to work on later. A clear example would be doing squat progressions without weight for a WOD where we are going to work on legs.

The warm-up phase is extremely important to avoid injuries and reach our full potential in training, and should last between 15 and 20 minutes. Technique Once we have warmed up, before the WOD it is time to rehearse the technique. We must always practice the technique of the exercises that we are going to perform during the WOD. However, if we have time, we can also practice the technique of any other exercise. If you train on your own, you may spend a few days practicing the technique of complex muscle-up exercises, rope climbing, double jumps, walking on a handstand,…

That is why we are going to focus on talking about the exercise technique that we are going to execute in our WOD. Start executing the movements with them. When you have them mastered, move to an Olympic bar and add weight only when you completely master the exercise. The process is the same for any type of exercise.

The key is to repeat the movement that we are going to perform until we master it and gradually gain weight if the exercise is with weight. One piece of advice: be honest with yourself. Below you can find example WOD. Now we have to bring our body back to calm. But do not forget the important thing: stretch.

My experience in the world of sports tells me that many people do not like to stretch and do not usually do it. This is a mistake. As always we recommend you: you should stretch with the same dedication that you have done your WOD.