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Types of Ear Piercing and Their Names

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The lobe piercing, also known as the first earring, is the most common of all. A larger earring is usually worn in this hole than in the.

Types of ear piercing and their names – Mumit Blog

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Go to a specialized center that complies with all the necessary hygiene measures and experience to perform any piercing correctly. The second step is to choose the place where you want to get the piercing. Piercing in the upper lobe: this type of piercing is very similar to the previous one, the perforation is made a little above the previous hole, but without leaving the lobe. The key to this piercing is that it follows the line of the ear creating a tapering effect.

You can add as many earrings as your lobe allows. The tragus is a small oval-shaped protuberance that is located just at the entrance to the ear canal and is made up of cartilage. At MUMIT you can find a perfect model for this type of piercing, always choosing the threaded nut option, we are talking about the Petite Diamonds Cross piercing.

Antitragus piercing: this piercing is located on the opposite side of the tragus, right in the small cartilage that remains on the upper lobe. Cartilage or Helix Piercing: it is the fashionable piercing and our favorite. You can add as many helix piercings as your ear allows, for example, two aligned is a winning combination. The piercing is done right in the cartilage fold above the tragus.

It is a very original piercing that brings a different touch to any ear look. Daith Piercing: also called migraine piercing. This piercing is done in the inner cartilage of the ear, right where the acupuncture needles are placed. Cronch or Conch Piercing: for the cronch piercing, the perforation is made just above the antitragus, in the lower part of the cartilage.

It is also very original and can be very elegant depending on the earring you wear, for example, with our Eternity Colors Hoop piercings you can add a modern and sophisticated air to your ear look. Discover a universe of custom initial or hoop piercings designed to fit any hole.