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Spine Tattoos: Designs And Dangers For Pregnant Women

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A lower back tattoo won’t necessarily prevent you from getting an epidural, a common type of anesthesia, during labor.

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Spine tattoos are one of the newest tattoo ideas for men and women. This type of tattoo in this specific area.

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Small and large tattoos look most elegant on a young girl. back tattoo woman column. Don’t take the choice lightly.

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Original spine tattoo ideas

Let’s see if this risk is real or not and what designs can be the best. This is the case of the tattoo that we see in the image below, in which a message or phrase appears throughout the entire column. In the event that you want to make one on your spine, you can choose all kinds of designs, like this one of a lotus flower, which seems very original to us.

One that is large and occupies the entire column as we see in this other design that also seems very original to us. A tattoo with a relatively large design so that it is perfect for you to wear it in an area such as the spine. That is why we have made a selection with some designs to download for spine tattoos, which we also find interesting and which we hope you like. We have prepared a special document for this, so if you want to be able to access the designs, you just have to click on the link that we leave you below.

Risks Once we have seen some original ideas of tattoos for the spine as well as the designs that will help you to download them, and if you want you can use them, we want to get to the important point: to know if tattoos on the spine are dangerous or not. spine when pregnant. In fact, it is said that it is better not to get tattoos, in any area of ​​the body, in the case of being pregnant.

But not only do we have to wait when it comes to tattoos, doctors and specialists advise against piercing or permanent makeup during pregnancy. The reason why it is advisable to avoid tattoos, as well as the rest of the things mentioned, is because tattoo artists’ needles could transmit an infection, even when carrying out their work in optimal hygienic conditions.

Although the risk is low,. A pregnant woman who undergoes a tattoo can contract infections such as syphilis, hepatitis B or C and HIV. We don’t think about it much, but when getting a tattoo, there may be phenomena of bacterial contamination, acute and long-term toxicity, skin sensitization or allergic phenomena.

Dyes can be contaminated by bacteria such as staphylococci, streptococci, pseudomonas, enterococci, escherichia coli and the like.

Perfect Tattoos on the Spine for Women