Wonder Woman Makeup

Halloween Tutorial: Wonder Woman Makeup

Nikkie used the 2D technique to apply her makeup in the style of the comics. The key to this look is how Nikkie uses eyeliner.

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Wonder Woman has her own makeup collection Wonder Woman went from the movies to the beauty world. (Photo: AP).

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This is what Gal Gadot, the ‘Wonder Woman’, looks like without a drop of makeup – europareportage.eu

This is what Gal Gadot looks like, the ‘Wonder Woman’, without a drop of makeup. The actress Gal Gadot has surprised her followers by publishing a photo in which.

simple wonder woman face painting

So you need to get a red top and a blue skirt. Now yes, we start with the tutorial. Let’s go with the eyebrows, so use the Brow pen in the appropriate shade to draw and perfect the eyebrows. Now let’s correct any imperfection that we want to hide with the studio look high coverage concealer. Whenever you combine two tones, try not to see the color change very abruptly. Finally, draw a cat eye below the lower line of the eyes.

For that you can use studio look compact powders or shadows. They define your face and give it depth. The line 4 ever eyeliner is our ally in this tutorial and we are going to use it to draw the same lines where we apply the contour, that is, cheekbones and chin, almost from the ears.

Also draw a line on your nose to define it and give it the comic effect. To this look you can add false eyelashes if you wish. If it went wrong at the first stroke, don’t worry. Wait for it to dry and remove it.

You fix the base again, just as you did in the first step and resume the star tracing. The twist eyeliner in the tone black abstraction is perfect.