You Netflix Series

You (2022-2022)

The series premiered on Lifetime on September 9, in the United States and was released on Netflix internationally on December 26,

you-teleserie-netflix-poster Country: USA. ยท you-series-synopsis-photos Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is a New York bookseller who one day he meets at the bookstore.

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The series ‘You’ on Netflix has captivated fans during its three seasons, with the plot about Joe Goldberg and his romantic life leaving.

The third season of You just arrived on Netflix, but the streaming service has already renewed the series for a fourth season.

You 3: new characters and obsessions mark the new season

In a few lines, this is the plot of You, the Netflix series that became a real success in its third season and that.

The dream of a perfect family

However, few know that before being acquired by the platform, the executives who manage it had rejected the space created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble. And they did it not only once, but twice, until the success that the show had after its premiere on Lifetime led them to change their minds and quickly buy their rights.

A commercial step that translated into millions of viewers around the world. You Netflix The same one that in an initial cycle made the aspiring writer Guinevere Beck Elizabeth Lail , the object of his love fixation, using most of his free time to watch who should be his, both through social networks and spying on her inside and out of your house.

His goal: to achieve true love, even if this involves manipulation and murder. Something he had tried before with his former partner, Candace Ambyr Childers, with a dark outcome and tried again with Beck. However, it all ended in the worst way. The beginning of a new existence You Netflix But Joe always justifies his actions and after the end of the first cycle he decided to leave New York and move to Los Angeles.

Where he not only protected the young Ellie Jenna Ortega -as he did with Paco in the previous installment-, but also found a renewed love obsession. A relationship that was not difficult for her, because she had also noticed him, but that included having to put up with her brother, Forty James Scully, with whom Love had an unbreakable bond, and some ups and downs that revealed the unique personality of the girl.

Always in his mind, his attempt to be happy contrasts with his distaste for everything that surrounds him, from the neighborhood he lives in -where he feels he is serving a sentence in a sunny Siberia-, to the neighbors with perfect and well-to-do existences.

Not forgetting the problems that arise after Love discovers her husband’s obsession with Natalie and commits a totally thoughtless and violent act. Or her subsequent concern for a young neighbor, while Joe can’t help but be attracted to the librarian. In a sum of new characters and situations that show that the old and twisted thoughts of Joe, and Love, do not disappear, making the new season of You version 2.