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Sergio Basteri: Luis Miguel’s Brother Who Gone Away From The Spotlight

Sergio Gallego Basteri was born one day before completing six months of gestation.

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Luis Rey’s youngest son only maintains communication with his brother Alejandro. › Shows › Celebrities.

Sergio Gallego Basteri, younger brother of Luis Miguel. The most famous Mexican star Luis Miguel has had a difficult life, especially in.

Sergio Basteri: Luis Miguel’s brother who moved away from the spotlight | Glamor

It could be summed up in that he is one of Luis Miguel’s brothers, but in reality he is one of the characters that has aroused the most mystery in.

Who is Sergio Basteri??

If the first installment gave us an intimate look at his childhood and family life, the second part promises to continue revealing some of the mysteries of his life. The fate of his mother, embezzlement in his career and yes, again, what happens within his family including his brothers, who in real life remain a mystery.

One of them is Sergio, a member of the idol’s two brothers and who was orphaned since he was two years old. We passed radiography for the premiere of Luis Miguel La Serie 2. Luis Miguel holds little Sergio in this image of Sergio is one of the three brothers. Axel Llunas gives life to Sergio in the new season of the series about the singer. And his relationship with Sergio neither.

The nicknamed Doc came to declare. But no matter what is said, the versions agree that the relationship between the interpreter and him is not close. Spanish media have indicated that the link between the two was broken and that in his youth Sergio would have faced Luis Miguel, a situation that led the singer to withdraw financial support from his brother. From the relationship with Luis Miguel, he pointed out, he is still distant.

The second season of "Luis Miguel The Series" aired on april 18.

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