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Long-lasting, high-coverage liquid concealer.;8 shades available Its formula does not transfer! How to use: Apply on the area to be corrected and.

Yuya Rebuildable Liquid Concealer for Face Yuya Oval Foundation Brush Yuya Gel Eyeliner Yuya Mascara.

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Get to know Yuya’s entire makeup collection. Liquid Concealer 40 Liquid Concealer Republic Cosmetics. Liquid concealer $ · Lipstick. yuya.

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The liquid concealer 10, brand Yuya, is an ally among your basic makeup products for day to day. It is ideal for covering and correcting imperfections.

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For now, the base only comes in 8 shades, which seems to me to be a fairly small range. Which, in my case, did not happen. Comparison with other foundation shades Now the good thing, the packaging is beautiful and fun like all of Yuya’s, what I don’t like is that it’s made of glass because if I drop it, it’s worth it.

I don’t really care about that, I care about practicality. It has a very pleasant smell, like plants or flowers, it reminded me of the smell of shape tape corrector, but not as marked. It feels very light on the skin, the truth is that it feels as if you weren’t wearing any foundation, there’s something strange here, on their social networks, their claims, it’s that it has a natural finish, but in terms of coverage they say it’s from medium to high.

The coverage, and therefore the finish, I understand by natural that it remains with a low coverage and only covers minimal imperfections, depends on the way in which you apply. In my experience, with a sponge it leaves a light coverage, with the hands or with a brush the coverage is medium, I tried to build it to full and it stays in medium. It was something I didn’t like. I always use mattifying primer and seal with powder, if I don’t do this, the base melts completely, whatever it is, this one with both products held up decently for a normal 8-hour day, I feel that after these 8 hours it begins to fade certain parts of the face, starting with the nose and then the cheeks, but I think it’s because of my oily skin.

It is neither moisturizing nor does it feel dry on the face, so I really think it can work well for all skin types. In conclusion, I do recommend them and I think I extended myself a bit but it is a release I was very excited to try, I love bases, I love seeing and reading reviews of bases and this is my experience with Yuya’s base.

Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day.