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Yuya Natural Finish Liquid Foundation CM20

Get to know Yuya’s entire makeup collection. Liquid Makeup CM05 Makeup Base REPUBLIC COSMETICS. Liquid Makeup CM $

Medium to full buildable coverage Oil-free Natural finish Will not clog pores For all skin typesIngredients:Water, Titanium Dioxide C.I.

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handsome!! I am very excited because this is the official store of Yuya cosmetics, you can find all our products here.

Liquid makeup with aloe vera extract that helps improve the condition of your skin by moisturizing and softening it. Contains FPS Buildable coverage of.

Dancing Together Liquid Makeup | Mexico

We test Yuya’s new makeup base and tell you everything: price, opinions, where to buy it and how it is.

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I used the Smashbox Primer Water and I didn’t see any difference in my skin, it just makes it sticky to apply makeup. It doesn’t minimize pores, I didn’t feel like it moisturized either, but when I tried their pore minimizing first one, this one did. I bought the Huda Beauty foundation in the same tone and although I wanted the tone, I think that in the end it wasn’t so bad. This base is a long coverage base, it is very thick and it is only necessary to apply a very small amount.

In the video I applied too much to test it and see what happened and how it covered. Although it has a lot of coverage, the fragrance is so strong, that it caused me to break out a few pimples. The Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer is a concealer with light coverage, but it helps a lot to illuminate under the eyes.

I will definitely continue using it, I feel that it is perfect for my daily makeup. The Yuya makeup shadow palette is a regular palette, it’s not extraordinary, but it’s not the worst palette I’ve tried either. There is a shade within this Yuya makeup shadow palette that has a lot of sparkles.

Glitters are not visible at all when this shade is applied. I have been using it for several days and I don’t think I will buy the other palette with the other shade, I was thinking that maybe I would buy it after using this one, but the formula did not surprise me.

What really surprised me about the Yuya makeup line is the eyeliner. I loved the tarte blush palette. These tones are limited edition in their Amazonian Clay formula and it is a palette with 4 full-size blushes, for the price it is an excellent palette. I’m going to try to use it under my makeup and I’ll let you know how it goes, but I feel like I’ll be a disco ball.

I loved the tone, but the formula reminded me a lot of the Colourpop brand lipsticks that for my lips, are very dry lipsticks that fall into pieces. Tell me in the comments what you thought of the video and also if you have already tried something in Yuya makeup, I am curious to know your opinions!!