Zion Moreno

Zión Moreno: Everything You Need To Know About The Actress Of Mexican Origin

Zión Moreno is an American actress and model. She is known for her television roles in the Netflix series Control Z and the HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl in

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And among the great youth cast that she has, she stands out: Zion Moreno. Zion brings to life Isabela, the young woman who sees her secret about her identity violated.

Zion Moreno, her career as an actress. And just as Isabela is a transgender woman, Zión Moreno is too. The actress was born in El Paso.

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Zión Moreno is an actress and model of Mexican origin. She has become one of the it girls of the moment due to her personality, the projects in.

Women We Love: Zion Moreno – Control Z – Spoiler Time

The story of Zión Moreno, the beautiful transgender actress from the series Control Z. Her Isabela character reflects much of what her real life has been.

Who is Zion Moreno?

Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. I think we still have a lot of work to do to represent these stories and individuals in an authentic and respectful way. However, she does not want this to completely define her, as her identity is only part of who she is as a human being, as she mentioned to Vogue in the August issue. In fact, one of her dreams is to become a designer.

On February 26, the actress turned 26. He was born and raised in the United States, but his family is Mexican. However, Zion has Mexican blood in her veins because of her parents, which makes her feel very proud. Although, for different reasons, these visits were reduced when he grew older, but he was able to reconnect with his roots thanks to his participation in the Control Z series. Through his posts, we realize his boho-chic style and his taste for nature, art and cinema.

And yes, to calm our curiosity a bit, he also leaves us photos and videos about the next Gossip Girl reboot. If you thought Zion started her acting career, it’s not. She started in the world of modeling at the age of 19 in New York. But, after a while, he realized that what he was really passionate about was acting. From that moment on, Zión worked hard to achieve her goal of becoming an actress. In , at the age of 24, he filmed his first film and the rest is history.

The movie K marks Zión’s debut as an actress in In this hit Netflix teen drama, Zión played the role of Isabela de la Fuente, a girl who is bullied and humiliated by her schoolmates when it is revealed that she is transgender. For the artist it was very important to interpret this character.

In other words, he was able to present another reality outside the stereotypes that, on many occasions, are attributed to transgender people on screen. In an interview, she talks about exclusive details of her character Luna La in the reboot of Gossip Girl, a young woman from Mexico City who wants to dedicate herself to the fashion industry.

Zión Moreno, from ‘Gossip Girl’, talks about new episodes, ship ‘Lunet’ and future character