Zodiac Ascendant And Descendant

Ascending / Descending – Opposites Of Our Identity

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It represents the sign of the zodiac in which the Sun is found in the astral natal chart that we have. Well, you’ve probably heard of this.

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Find out which is the ascendant of your zodiac sign with this practical online tool.

Astrological Ascendant, The Ascendant is the sign of the Zodiac that rises Know your descendant better: calculation and meaning of the descendants for.

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It corresponds to the way we see ourselves, our own image and everything that we are. It is your visible face. It’s the way you present yourself, how you dress, how you take care of your appearance, how you adorn your personality. The look you have on the world. It is the characteristics of your personality that make you proud, the image you have of yourself and the way you would like others to see you.

It is, deep down, our identity. The Descendant, on the other hand, initiates the Seventh House, the House that rules relationships. It is the opposite of your Ascendant. The sign located on the opposite axis in your birth chart. It’s what we think we’re not. These are the qualities that we reject, repress, deny, ignore, or refuse to acknowledge in our personality.

The Descendant is the opposite of everything we identify with, make us angry, disagree with and take seriously. Interestingly, though, you may find yourself drawn to the qualities of your opposite sign when interacting with people of that same sign.

We can explain this magnetism by the force of attraction of opposites "opposites attract". Believe it or not, your Descendant is part of your personality, the person you are. Therefore, in Astrology, the symbolism associated with the Descendant sign is an important aspect in the interpretation of the birth chart. Anyone you come in contact with can confirm this for you. We see ourselves from our Ascendant, but other people see us through our Descendant. The image that other people build about us may not correspond to the image that we try so hard to project.

Who lives with us every day and knows us, sometimes better, can tell us what characteristics of our opposite reside in us. The Descendant tells us what we should do and what we should discard in our daily lives in order to feel safe, balanced and in harmony with our true selves. That we need to incorporate both identities and accept that we have characteristics that we would rather not have. The people around us, who love us well and love us as we are, are a precious help to bring us to a safe port.

When we face and solve problems with the help of these people, we bring the two points on the axis closer together. Aries Rising — Libra Descending.