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Zodiac: What Is Your Power Animal According To Your Sign?

The twelve signs of the zodiac come from Latin and not all of them are animals: ♈ Aries (aries) = Ram, see: battering ram. The Aries glyph represents the head and.

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On this page we expand the information related to the properties and qualities that each animal or zodiac sign assigns to each person, especially.

It was from the Eastern Han dynasty that the Chinese begin to use the twelve animal signs in order – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit.

One or more animals with which it would have a special affinity correspond to the sign of the Zodiac and in which it would see reflected in.

What animal am I in the Chinese Horoscope, according to the date of birth – Infobae

Spirit animals are also directly related to zodiac signs. Start the with the best digital content! two.


By Redaccion GLP Spirit animals are prevalent in many traditions around the world and in many different religions and belief systems. They are entities that protect and guide people throughout life. They do, using traits like wisdom, knowledge, kindness, and trust.

Being able to embrace your ferocity and speed is what makes you inimitable. Born under the sign of Aries, you embody the cheetah in your hyper-focus. The bear is also a symbol of protection. Dolphins are playful, fun-loving creatures, often doing things just for the thrill of it.

The rabbit teaches us not to let our fears overwhelm us, which is something you try to live with every day. Like the rabbit, you are a very complex creature. Leos are considered born leaders and Dragons represent leaders who are very masterful creatures, which are two things that you always strive to be in your career and in your personal life. Not only do you share a high mental intelligence, Virgo, but you are also adaptable, having a sense of home with your surroundings.

You can feel comfortable and fit into a new and sometimes difficult situation quite quickly. You are highly analytical and cunning, two traits that can lead to infinite intelligence and wisdom. Without even knowing anything about a swan, you can tell how graceful and gentle it is just by looking at it.

Libra, you have incomparable beauty and softness, inside and out. Finding balance and tranquility in the turbulent waters of life is very important to you. You have an originality that others cannot copy or imitate, and you believe in the value of inner spirituality.

Like the swan, you are graceful, peaceful and pure. To embrace that vulnerable side, you must first go through a major transformation. Like the phoenix, you are a symbol of growth, renewal and inner strength. You prefer to march to the beat of your own drum and not change who you are for anything or anyone.

Both are fiercely independent, curious and free. Chances are you are experiencing all the world has to offer, or enjoying your freedom and time alone. Like this creature, you can also be patient and assertive. Spiders represent patience, creativity, territory and dark versus light. Sometimes, you prefer to be alone, working on what makes you happy.

Just as there are friendly spiders, there are also very territorial spiders. You accept both the positive and the negative side of yourself, in everything you do. Your complex nature makes it difficult for anyone to understand who you are, which is why some people fear you like they fear spiders.

One of the main things you value in life is being able to find your tribe and surround yourself with like-minded people. You are also sensitive and shy like deer. You don’t respond well to people or opinions that are harsh, offensive, or vulgar. People close to you know to approach you quietly and calmly for you to open up to them.